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Manufacturers of the 'TerraBlock' and 'StoneTerra' pre-fabricated engineered modular concrete blocks.


The dry stacked concrete units are used to form structurally sound retaining walls - both Gravity Walls and MSE (Mechanically Stablilized Earth) Walls.  The applications include bridge abutments, containment bins, lakeshore protection, terraced walls, weir walls, bridge wing walls, culverts, covered buildings, retention ponds, slope protection, and landslide repairs.  The blocks can be used in conjunction with all types of fencing.

The selling point for these blocks is the ease with which they are laid. Our blocks take HALF the time to place when compared to other methods and competitors blocks, AND they are more secure! 

All this at a lower cost as well!



We partner with Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Garden Center and Dealers to bring you beautiful and enduring solutions.


We look forward to working with you.


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