This beautifully terraced front garden has been finished with our StoneTerra blocks. The double layers of wall have enough retaining force to withhold any erosion or soil slipping down the hill onto the driveway. Thanks to the bench design of two of our products, you are able to place a garden on top of the retaining wall to leave an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall that will last for decades.


This culvert was constructed where a washed out bridge stood. The weight, and the amazing inter-locking capabilities of these blocks, allow a significant amount of water be passed through without placing strain on the structure. Not only is it more stable and reliable, the culvert is more pleasing to the eye, and much safer during wet seasons.

For areas where the soil is not very stable, in wetlands and marshes for example, it is necessary to stabilize the wall.

This fence was erected on our  blocks to retain the soil behind it from coming into the backyard. This wall has allowed our customer to make use of a yard that was originally not possible to enjoy.

This gorgeously finished retaining wall was erected around the property to allow a driveway at the back of the house. The retaining capacity of these blocks allowed for massive weights to be put against the wall, such as a driveway, while also allowing for a garden to be set on top.


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