Weighting between 700lbs and 2,300lbs our StoneTerra are amazing for many project's ranging from backyard garden walls, fencing applications and lakeshore protection all the way to landslide repairs!

With the textured stone architectural finish, your project will look polished and professional.


The incredible versatility of the blocks allows fast and easy installation. Small equipment may be used to place the blocks, which allows for projects to be completed in small spaces with limited mobility.

Using a seven strand galvanized steel cable loop at the top center of the blocks allow for easy lift and maneuvering, while also allowing subsequent blocks to lock into place on top, hiding the cable as you go.

The patented StoneTerra System offers an attractive architectural face and simple installation all at an incredibly low per square foot cost.

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, landscape designer or engineer/architect, StoneTerra is the right block for your next project.


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One Block At A Time